Chef’s Corner

Fiesta With a Ring!

Harvests from the earth’s bounty are shared to celebrate a loud and colorful festival influenced by the Spanish settlers. In any culture, the word Fiesta is synonymous to Celebration. Filipinos like to have fiestas to celebrate Birthdays, Promotions, Graduation, Weddings,...

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Easter Season… To Feast or To Fast?

What’s more recognized as the week of Celebrating Easter in the western world is known as Holy Week in the Philippines. For most believers, it is also known as the Lenten Season. It is a season for spiritual cleansing, and...

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For a Nutritious 2017 Lifestyle, Eat More Heirloom Superfoods

New year resolution you say? Whether your goal is to eat healthy, be more physically active, live a balanced lifestyle or simply to just get fit and healthy; considering a native superfood to your daily food intake can help you...

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