Around Our Community

If you have a photograph of a community event, please email to Please include a short description, your name and contact information....

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Making Personal Decisions

When looking at another person’s ability, whether it be a decision on who to hire, or who to choose as a leader or as a friend, I look at how my experience kind of “matches up” with that person. I...

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Key legislators in key positions: knowing what they’ve accomplished is important while making a descision on your vote in our upcoming elections.

When Bob Nakasone passed in the winter of 2008, shortly after winning another term as the House of Representatives member for Kahului-Pā‘ia, Maui lost one of its great appropriators. For much of his tenure in the State House, Rep. Nakasone...

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Steps To Success

Ghenesis Balaan | Maui High School The graduating class of 2018 at Maui High School are steps away from the beginning of a personal journey that will pave the way to their own futures. Every individual’s dreams and goals will...

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Women and Financial Education

We don’t graduate students from high school until they know how to read and write, and we don’t give out driver’s licenses to people who can’t pass tests showing they know the rules of the road and how to handle...

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Let’s Talk Pinoy!

Dulce Karen Butay Aloha! Mabuhay! Welcome back! How was the adobo last night? Was it Nasinga (Na-Seeng-nga) (It’s delicious in Ibanag)? Or was it Maalat (Mah-ah-lot) (It’s salty in Pilipino and Ilonggo)? Or was it Masarap (Mah-sa-raap) (delicious in Pilipino)?...

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