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All Maui Fil-Am Festival event photos below are by Ceasar Lizada of Lizada Photography, and Alfredo and Basilia Evangelista If you have a photograph of a community event, please email to Please include a short description, your name and...

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Ating Kabuhayan

As a Christian, I view the occurrence of an election as referring to God’s choosing of individuals or peoples to be the objects of His grace, to fulfill His purposes in the world. As a Christian, I can easily view...

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Glossary of Filipino Cooking Techniques

In the Philippine National Language—Tagalog With over 7,100 islands, the style of cooking and the food associated with Filipino Cuisine have evolved over many centuries from their origins: Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, and American influences, in line with the...

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Dinengdeng & Pinakbet

I sometimes refer to myself sardonically as an F.B.I. But in this age where tribalism may be defining much of the resurging cultural wars, I have to admit that I’ve grown up both fiercely connected to my Filipino roots yet...

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How To Protect Your Loved Ones from Elder Financial Abuse

Could someone you love be a victim of elder financial abuse? Each year, seniors lose over $36 billion to elder financial abuse and more than a third of seniors are affected by financial abuse in any five year period, according...

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Food, Food, and More Food

it’s not easy to be a judge of Filipino cuisine! Did you attend the Maui Fil-Am Heritage Festival® last month? It was so much fun wasn’t it? If you missed it, make sure you attend next year’s Festival as it...

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