Ating Kabuhayan

If you’re like me, you have and cherish your health. Health is a gift; like all of life, it is a gift from Almighty God. We are stewards of all that God gives us, and our health is certainly something...

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Restoring a Legacy

I’m excited to be involved in The Field & The Harvest on Saturday, August 19, 6:00 pm at the University of Hawai‘i Maui College, Pā‘ina Food Court and Main Dining Room. The Field & The Harvest is the fundraiser dinner...

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Dinengdeng & Pinakbet

Are we not in the same canoe; and so, should we not all paddle together? My mom told me, “No renew the newspaper.” “I tired read. No mo’ good news,” she explained. “Better you give me the money and I...

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Maui High School’s HOSA—one of six Pathways.

Maui High School is the largest high school on Maui, with approximately 2,000 students, and is the sixth largest school in the State. (Baldwin High School, with about 1,500 students, is the tenth largest in the State). This year, according...

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To Your Health: Iti Salun-At Yo

Health is the essential foundation for effective employment, regardless of age, educational standing, or position held. Without health, the quest for wealth and the struggle for survival becomes equal. The richest and the poorest have the same need when they...

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A Longer Life… What’s Your Plan?

Americans today live longer than previous generations, and that added longevity is putting stress on traditional retirement plans and financial strategies. On average, men and women who reach the standard retirement age of 65 can anticipate living another two decades,...

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