Ating Kabuhayan

An article in America: The Jesuit Review, by Theology Professor Jonathan Malesic, got me thinking about labor and a perspective on our daily work. In this day and age, it can be said that many are increasingly experiencing work as...

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How it all started, The Filipino Food Movement. The Filipino Food Movement was founded to create broad awareness, appreciation, and enhanced investment in Filipino Culinary Arts. In just a few short years, it has gathered national attention in the press,...

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Dinengdeng & Pinakbet

Real talk about funding on both the State and County levels of our government. My alma mater Maui High School annually holds a dinner during Homecoming week to honor alumni, faculty and friends of our school. Past honorees of the...

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Senior Projects at Maui High School

Maui High School is the only high school on Maui that requires all of its graduating seniors to complete a Senior Project. Senior Project involves a proposal that needs to be approved and signed by Ti’a Joaquin, the Curriculum Coordinator....

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Losing Weight: A Journey

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is “How do I lose weight?” Well, we all have heard of a million and one ways to shed those unwanted pounds and reveal the six-pack hiding behind the insulating layer....

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Potential Retirement Obstacles

What you get out of tomorrow depends on what you put into it today—and how you handle any bumps along the way. So while you’re keeping one eye on that retirement prize, make sure to keep the other on the...

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