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The Crowning Moment of Graduation

Congratulations to all our 2018 Graduates! You deserve every moment of praise for making it on graduation day to receive your diploma and awards. Earning your graduation has never been an easy accomplishment. To the graduates, our hats off to...

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Fiestas and Maui’s Barrio Fiesta

Fiesta! Just the thought of fiesta brings a smile to my face and a quickening in my heartbeat. Fiestas are a special time of festivities, a traditional event in villages, towns and barrios, sometimes to celebrate the birthday of a...

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Ambassador Joselito Jimeno

A warm welcome from the Fil-Am Voice. On behalf of the staff of Fil-Am Voice, we send a warm welcome to Maui to our new Philippine Consul General, Ambassador Joselito Jimeno. Thank you for the honor of your visit, which...

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Lent in the Philippines

For me; a sacrificial journey leading to the Cross of Christ. Lent (kwaresma) festivities in the Philippines have survived the test of time ever since these were introduced by Spain, showcasing the Philippines as a predominantly Catholic country. The festivities...

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It’s February!

The month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide and lovers exchange gifts and tokens of their love. All of us in the hospitality industry try our best to make Valentine’s Day special for everyone. If you came to my...

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New Year’s Resolution

The year 2018, known as the Year of the Dog, will challenge us once more to declare our New Year’s Resolutions with optimism that everything will be much better. We share with others what we want to improve or change....

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