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It’s February!

The month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide and lovers exchange gifts and tokens of their love. All of us in the hospitality industry try our best to make Valentine’s Day special for everyone. If you came to my...

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New Year’s Resolution

The year 2018, known as the Year of the Dog, will challenge us once more to declare our New Year’s Resolutions with optimism that everything will be much better. We share with others what we want to improve or change....

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A Quick Look at the 2018 Election

Hawai‘i’s 2018 elections are just around the corner. The filing of candidacy will begin on February 1, 2018. Qualified individuals for public office will have the opportunity to be included on the ballot. Meanwhile, the deadline for filing candidacy is set...

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Filipino History

History shows the awakening came earlier at the time when freedom started blooming after the signing of the Treaty of Paris (December 10, 1898), which ultimately transferred Spanish sovereignty over the Philippines to the victor—the United States, thus, effectively ending...

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The Labor Shortage, Not Just on Labor Day

Why are we having a labor shortage? Let us begin with a description of what an employer looks for in a prospective employee. Application. Complete, legible, and submitted on or before the deadline, with attached resume. Interview. Punctual. Appearance –...

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A Healthy Lifestyle is the Recipe for a Good Life

My special recipe for health comprises a generous portion of each of the following ingredients, enjoyed often, shared with those in your life who matter most, served with a heaping spoonful of gratitude, and most of all, a twinkle in...

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