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Baldwin High School’s Junior ROTC: Leadership Training for the Future

Anastasha Aco | Baldwin High School Diligence, discipline, and leadership are traits you acquire through intensive training either in your household, school or the military. These traits are commonly taught in many Filipino homes to train the younger generations to...

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Steps To Success

Ghenesis Balaan | Maui High School The graduating class of 2018 at Maui High School are steps away from the beginning of a personal journey that will pave the way to their own futures. Every individual’s dreams and goals will...

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Competition at its Highest Level

Every year, hundreds of high school students across the State from different organizations compete to represent Hawai‘i at the national level during the 2018 CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organizations) convention held on February 22 and 23 at the Hawai‘i...

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We Believe in God.

Living in Hawai‘i, where diversity is shared by the hand of traditions and experiences from myriads of characters, results in the life of a blissful community. Have you ever wondered what the youth of the island of Maui are involved...

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Student Travel Supplements Classroom Learning

Rose Anne Rafael | Maui High School At Maui High School, learning is not limited to the classroom. On occasion, students and student organizations travel off-island to supplement their in-class education or to compete against other schools. In 2018, Maui...

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Senior Projects at Maui High School

Maui High School is the only high school on Maui that requires all of its graduating seniors to complete a Senior Project. Senior Project involves a proposal that needs to be approved and signed by Ti’a Joaquin, the Curriculum Coordinator....

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