Maui Pinoy Pleasure Plates

Summer Treat Favorites

I recently had a pleasure of interviewing the three leading mayoral candidates for the Maui County race: Elle Cochran, Don Guzman and Mike Victorino. Cochran and Guzman are currently on the Council while Victorino was term limited in 2016. Since...

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Comfort Food—Super Food

Sharon Zalsos | Photos: Sharon Zalsos Let’s get real here, no matter how much we try to eat healthy meals and exercise regularly, we are all still vulnerable to sickness during the flu season. All you need is a co-worker...

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Live Healthy, Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is not about dietary limitations, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the food you love. Rather, it’s about feeling great, having energy, and improving your health. If you feel overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition and diet...

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What’s In Your Kau Kau Tin?

Kau Kau means “eat” in Hawaiian. Plantation workers carried their lunch into the sugarcane or pineapple plantation fields in a double-decker “tin” with an arched wooden handle. In the past, the tins were made of aluminum. Today, they are made...

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My Favorite Filipino Healthy Foods

Filipino food rocks! We Filipinos are known for our positive values, sense of hospitality, being hard-working, and our ability to face whatever challenges that life brings with a smile in our face! On top of that, we are also known...

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Pinoy Bizarre Foods

Editor’s Note: Normally written by our monthly columnist, Vince Bagoyo, Jr., this month’s Maui Pinoy column is guest authored by Joena Grace Galacio, a recent IT graduate from Bohol, Philippines. Food maintains our life and growth. Every human stomach needs...

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