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Get Out the Vote: Election Year 2018

Signs are out. Ah, the rainbow colors of campaign banners are up again this year! If you’re at an intersection, they’re plastered everywhere on corner fences, walls or grassy areas. Perhaps you started noticing this in March. I spotted the...

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Easter Nostalgia: Southeast Meets West

You know you grew up in the Philippines if your idea of celebrating Easter automatically involves church and other religious activities weeks before Easter Sunday itself....

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Firearms In Hawai‘i

Killings come to a head—gun laws re-examined. On August 1, 1966, former Marine and university student, Charles Whitman fired down on passersby from the observation deck of the University of Texas at Austin clocktower. By the time police reached and...

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What Is Love?

Love is in the air every sight and every sound.” It’s February—the month of Love. Almost everywhere, there is a constant reminder that Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14. Most stores (and don’t forget Amazon) have something for...

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Are You Prepared?

Emergency Alert. Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawai‘i. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. On Saturday, January 13, 2018, at 8:06 a.m., the State of Hawai‘i Emergency Management Agency (HI-EMA) sent Hawai‘i into...

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Pasko Sa Pilipinas

Some have called the Philippines, “the land of fiestas.” And no other festival is so rich, so joyful, so meaningful and so… well, so long, as Christmas in the Philippines. From the moment the calendar changes from August 31 to...

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