Sakada Offspring

Marites Sol Chichioco-Perez

Lucy Peros | Photos courtesy Chichioco-Perez ‘Ohana

A few characteristics to describe a good uncle includes someone who brings fun and joy to his nieces’ and nephews’ lives and is caring, loving, protective, encouraging and supportive. In addition, a good uncle is interested in the well-being, growth, and happiness of his nieces and nephews and more importantly, shows up during their tough times. The uncle of this month’s featured Sakada Offspring, Marites Sol Chichioco-Perez is exactly that.

Marites Sol Chichioco-Perez was born on January 2, 1968 in Manila, Philippines. She attended Flores Elementary School in San Manuel Pangasinan. She graduated in sixth grade as a Valedictorian. She moved to Hawai‘i in 1981 and attended Pā‘ia Elementary School as an eighth grader. In 1986, she graduated from Maui High School. After high school, she studied at International Air Academy in Vancouver, Washington. She graduated as a Flight Attendant and Airlines services. She studied Liberal Arts and graduated from Maui Community College (now University of Hawai‘i Maui College). She also attended Hawai‘i Pacific University on O‘ahu and studied Travel Industry Management.

Marites held several jobs. Her first job was at Burger King during school as a part timer after school and weekends. Then as a Shift Leader at Jack in the Box when it opened on Maui. Soon after Jack in the Box, she got into banking. She worked as a Teller at Bank of Hawai‘i. In between banking positions, Marites also worked with Dr. James Hattaway, DC as a Chiropractic Assistant from 1991 to 2001. These jobs Marites held became stepping stones to her present job today. She is currently employed at American Savings Bank Kahului Branch. She is the Assistant Vice President, Personal Banker from 2001 to present.

Zac, Zo’e and Marites and Ramil Allan are shown here at our family photo taken Nov. 11, 2022 at our wedding ceremony at King Kamehameha Golf Club.

Marites was married to the late Zacarias Chichioco, Jr. He was the Director of Maintenance at Mahana Resorts in Lahaina. He attended Don Bosco Trade School in Tarlac, Philippines. He studied in SLU Baguio City, Philippines. Unfortunately, Zacarias passed away on May 19, 2011. Marites and Zacarias were married on November 4, 1995. They have two children, Zacarias Chichioco III, 26 years old. He graduated in Culinary Arts from the University of Hawai‘i Maui College. He is currently working at Tiffany’s and Tin Roof with Chef Sheldon Simeon. Their daughter, Zo’e Marie Chichioco, 19 years old, attended University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa last year and came back home to continue her studies at University of Hawai‘i Maui College, majoring in Liberal Arts. Both children attended Christ The King School and St. Anthony then moved to Maui High School where they graduated from.

Marites remarried on November 18, 2022 to her childhood sweetheart, Ramil Allan Perez. Ramil studied at Far Eastern University (FEU) in the Philippines with a degree of Political Science. He was employed as an NGO (non- government organization) Development worker in the Philippines before joining Marites on Maui last year.

Marites is an active member of Christ The King Catholic Church as a Lector. She was formerly Miss Sampaguita in 1986 and Miss Pangasinan Association of Maui. She also participated in ballroom dancing. She received awards from American Savings Bank for her five-, ten-, fifteen- and twenty years of service.

Marites is a fun-loving person. She loves traveling, shopping, going to musical concerts, art shows, hiking, dancing Zumba, ballroom dancing, working out and yoga. She especially enjoys cooking, eating different ethnic dishes and watching Korean Drama.

The 3 Sol brothers: Uncle Pablo Sol (front), Dad Pedro Sol (left back), and Uncle Maximo Sol (right back), all retired from HC&S Co.

Marites has eight siblings and she is the youngest:

Cristeta Sol Yanguas (widow) is the oldest. She was married to the late Amado Yanguas. She is now retired but currently working part time at Walmart Kahului as an Associate. She was an elementary school teacher in the Philippines before coming to Hawai‘i. They have three grandsons and seven grandchildren (four girls and three boys).

Next is Alejandro (Alex) Sol. He is retired/disabled from Maui Beach Hotel and Maui Tropical Plantation. He and his wife Cynthia Sol, retired/Disabled from Maui Beach Hotel. They have two daughters and two grandsons.

Pedro Sol, Jr. (deceased) at 24 years old in the Philippines.

Victorino Sol has two sons and one grandson.

Myrna Sol Ines (deceased), married to Arnulo Ines. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Mom’s 86th birthday celebration at the Maui Beach Hotel. Our family is shown here Dec. 22, 2017.

Mario Sol (deceased), worked at H.C.&S. Company. He has four children and two granddaughters.

Uncle Pablo, Marites and Dad Pedro are shown here when we visited them in the Philippines in 2017.

Marilyn Sol, worked at Hale Makua Kahului as a Transport Aide. She has two daughters and three grandchildren. Olivia Valdez is her significant other.

Marites Sol Chichioco-Perez is the eighth child of the Sol family.

Marites’ uncle, Pablo Sol, a 1946 Sakada was instrumental in petitioning the Sol family to come to Hawai‘i. He was born on June 7, 1924. He died on August 5, 2019 at the age of ninety-five. He arrived on Maui in 1946, recruited from the Philippines with the thousands of Sakadas to work at the sugar and pineapple plantations in Hawai‘i. He and his wife Minnie owned a house in Pā‘ia. He was the first one among four siblings to come to Hawai‘i at the age of twenty-two. Pablo’s first wife Minnie passed away in 1978. He re-married his childhood sweetheart, Carmen.

Uncle Pablo petitioned his younger brothers, Maximo Sol, who arrived on Maui in 1968, followed by Pedro Sol (Marites’ Dad), who arrived on Maui in 1978. They all worked and retired from H.C.&S. Co. Lourdes Sol, Marites’ mom, together with six children arrived on Maui in 1981, including Marites. Her mom, Lourdes retired from the Department of Education (Kahului Elementary School) as a schoolteacher. Uncle Pablo and Aunty Carmen moved back to Pangasinan, Philippines in 1981. They had a daughter, Kelly Hooper, one granddaughter and two great grandchildren.

Fun family Igorot costume picture taken at the Mines View Park Baguio City 2016. Vic (from left), Alex, Cristeta, Dad, Mom, Tess and Mar. Jr, Myrna and Mario are missing in this photo.

Marites had this special tribute to Uncle Pablo Sol:

I remember my Uncle Pablo as a tall, good- looking man with a very amiable demeanor. Known as a very generous person. His relatives and neighbors at the barrio in the Philippines, always seek his assistance and advice, either financial and/or personal problems. When he was still here in Hawai‘i, he never missed sending gifts for all of us in the Philippines. For me and my siblings, the arrival of the balikbayan box (gift box) on Christmas Day is awaited with great anticipation. I will never forget that one special December when Uncle Pablo sent me a walking doll as a Christmas present. That walking doll is long gone now but became a part of my childhood’s very special memories. It has been four years now since Uncle Pablo passed away. Every 5th of August, we remember his passing and celebrate his life through a family gathering. We talk stories and share with our kids and grandkids about a person whose life’s endeavors brought us all together here in Hawai‘i, my wonderful Uncle Pablo. The Sol family is forever grateful to our Uncle Pablo for paving the way for all of us to have the opportunity to a greener pasture. We love and miss you Uncle Pablo. You will always be in our hearts.

Lucy Peros is a retired schoolteacher, having taught at St. Anthony Grade School and Waihe‘e Elementary School. Both of her late parents, Elpidio Cachero Cabalo (a 1946 Sakada) and Alejandra Cabudoy Cabalo of Hāli‘imaile, worked for Maui Land and Pine Company. Lucy now enjoys retirement and has time to join other seniors in the Enhance Fitness Program under the Department of Aging three times a week. She also attends the line dancing class and other activities at Kaunoa and joins other Waihe‘e School retirees when help is needed at the school. Lucy also devotes some of her time to activities at Christ The King Catholic Church. She enjoys writing and reading in her spare time.