Summer is Here

Summer is Here

Enjoy … Be safe …

The month of May is a very busy month for many families. There are many things to do and many more celebrations to enjoy. May marks the unofficial beginning of summer. Here are some ideas to celebrate—and there are many more.

• May 1st is known as Lei Day in Hawai‘i, a day when garlands of flowers are strung together and worn throughout the day at many venues. Girls and ladies also wear flowers in their hair. Programs of songs and dances are performed in schools around the state, followed by lū‘au food served in their dining centers or as takeout boxes for groups to savor in the shade of a tree or benches in a nearby garden. Some campuses create a Maypole dance for students to weave strands of fabrics in the colors of the rainbow, festive and fun for the community.
• May 5th is the day to celebrate both Cinco de Mayo (Mexico) and Boys’ Day (Japan), at which time families from Mexico are likely to provide feasting of tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas and other yummy favorites while Japanese boys’ families will fly the fish kites of all sizes, and serve popular foods, such as sushi, sashimi and miso soup.
• May is a special month for mothers, who are celebrated and honored on the second Sunday of the month in the United States. Its primary purpose is to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts, love, care and support mothers provide for their own and other children, without end. Mothers’ Day is a special day to show our love and gratitude for the countless sacrifices and selfless acts of kindness they do daily. Knowing what our moms do for us, we must strive to put special thoughts into Mothers’ Day. Here are some practical ways to make the day especially meaningful as a shared experience:

– make a handwritten card;
– take mom out for a walk or a ride;
– let her get some sleep;
– give her a break and clean the house;
– acknowledge all the work she does every day;
– cook her favorite recipe;
– watch her favorite movie with her;
– give her a big hug; and
– let her know how much she is loved.

Many shenanigan’s are to be had in a fun-filled summer. It can be dangerous but with a spirit of safety in mind, summer can be wonderful and filled with joy.
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The Bible consistently asks followers to honor and love their mothers. Examples of this can be found in Exodus 20:12 “Honor your Father and Mother” and Leviticus 19:3 “Everyone of you shall revere your mother and father.”

• Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States, a time for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. From 1868 to 1970, it was observed on May 30th. Since 1971, it is observed on the last Monday of May. For many in the U.S., this day is a time to visit the memorial park or cemetery where their loved ones are interred, to be together in remembrances. Parades are held in many villages, towns and cities, where people wear a poppy designated for those who have fallen in war. On a less somber note, many take weekend trips or throw parties and barbecue bashes on this day to begin the summer.

Let us not forget to join the annual Barrio Fiesta which will be held on May 24-25 on the grounds of the Binhi at Ani Filipino Community Center. Come and enjoy the festivities, entertainment and lots of your favorite and new Filipino delicacies, lechon and other cooking demonstrations and much, much more.
Most of all, have a great summer!