Let’s Talk Pinoy!

Shout out to those who are celebrating their birthdays this month. Extra shout out to Jeslie Butay, Melen Agcolicol, Christian Joshua Butay, Roberta Dumlao, Jowy Langaman, Jerick Smith Asuncion and Atty. Alfredo Evangelista.

Though they are not here, their spirit dances in my memories.… Happy birthday to my Nana (Ingracia “Grace” Villanueva Butay) and my Ama (Ruperto “Tomas” Badua Butay) in heaven.

Happy, Happy birthday to you! (Tagalog) Maligayang bati sa inyong kaarawan! (Ilokano) Naimbag nga panagkasangay mo! (Ibanag) Makapagayaya nga aggaw na nikeyana mu! (Kapampangan) Masayang kebaitan queca! (Ilonggo) Masadya gid nga adlaw sa imo pagkatawo!

Let’s see what’s going on with our story this month and where Michael and Angel will be going next, shall we?

Uncle Ray is taking notes on the things that Angel is telling them.

All mata (eyes) are on her. Everyone is quiet and listening to what she is telling them.

“Do you know what his last name is?” Uncle Ray asks her.

Angel shakes her head.

“Can you find out?” he asks.

Everyone looks at him and says “How?” all at the same time.

Angel looks at Uncle Ray with wide mata (eyes).

“Her Ima (mother),” he says casually.

Everyone is quiet. There’s not a sound in the living room where everyone is sitting.

“Nanay (mother) …” Angel says softly.

Tears start to roll down her eyes.

“Inang (mother) … Oh I miss my mom, my dad, my family.

“When was the last time you spoke to your family?” Ray asks.

“I haven’t spoken to them in months,” Angel pahiyum (smiles) shyly.

“Well, this is your turn to reconnect with them,” Michael suggests.

“Pasaylo a ko. (I’m sorry.) I don’t know how to connect with them. I lost everything when we escaped from the airport.” Her mukat (face) looks sad.

“Well, you know what? There’s social media. Maybe we can start from there,” Michael says.

“You know what? That’s a good idea,” says Ray. “But listen, it’s getting late and we all need a rest. How about we continue this discussion bukas (tomorrow)?” asks Ray.

“Sure, we will try to connect to Angel’s family and start from there, Uncle Ray,” Michael says hopefully.

Ray turns to Katherine and says, “We better get going. It’s getting late. I still have to drop you off and we have a lot of things to do.”

“Aye, sir!” she says to Ray and starts to gather the documents on the lamesa (table).

“Leave the ones they can use to get some info about dirty Billy,” Ray says to Katherine and gives her the sweetest tiham (smile).

Ray stands up and messes Michael’s buok (hair) saying, “You are really something, my nephew.”

Michael pushes his Uncle Ray’s kamot (hand) and stands up. “Stop messing up with my buhok (hair), Uncle Ray. I’m not a kid anymore. I’m turning to be a fine young man just like you.”

Ray and Katherine stand up and walk towards the front puweta (door) and Michael says, “Please lock the pasbul (door) on your way out Uncle Ray.”

Ray stops by where Angel is sitting and he messes her buhok (hair) and says, “Get some sleep, kiddo. You need some. We have a lot of work to do ahead of us.”

Michael and Angel look at each other. The silence is defeaning as they both sit there refusing to end the night.

Anyways that’s all I have. Keep an eye out for my column in every issue. I’m Dulce, helping you to master your Filipino Languages. Like always, let’s laugh, let’s makinig (listen) and Let’s Talk Pinoy! Hanggang sa muli! (Until next time!) Ingat! Take care!

Dulce Karen Butay was graduated from Maui High School and received her Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Maui Community College. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting, from the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu. She is currently the Administrative Officer at the County of Maui, Department of Finance. Butay is a licensed Resident Producer of Life Insurance with World Financial Group and an Independent Consultant of Saladmaster. She is now part of Saladmaster’s Travel Club and won an all-expenses paid trip to Cancún, Mexico. Butay has traveled to Texas, the Philippines and Thailand as one of the delegates from Island Healthy Solutions, a Saladmaster dealer here on Maui.