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Filipino Food Week 2022

Celebrating Filipino Cuisine on June 20–26

Liza A Pierce of “A Maui Blog”

The restaurant edition of Filipino Food Week is happening June 20–26. Are you excited? I am! It is a great way to promote our Filipino culture and get people to learn more about Filipino cuisine. That is why I am highlighting this event in our Kwento-Kwentuhan this month.

What is Filipino Food Week?

Filipino food week is a week-long celebration of Filipino cuisine, where diners can go to participating restaurants in Hawai‘i to try the Filipino food specials offered by different chefs and food establishments.

Participating restaurants and revered chefs will be featuring Filipino cuisine for an entire week for their diners. The Philippine Consul General encouraged restaurants once again to prepare special dishes celebrating Filipino cuisine as well as create appetizers, entrées, desserts or drinks featuring calamansi as an ingredient. Calamansi is a popular citrus fruit in the Philippines, used as a flavoring agent, among other purposes.

By organizing the Filipino Food Week, the Philippine Consulate General in Honolulu hopes to generate more awareness and interest among locals and restaurants to feature Filipino food. The Food Week is part of a US-wide effort of the Philippine Embassy in DC and various Consulates in the US to promote Filipino cuisine and culture.

Filipino Food Week, coordinated by the Philippine Consulate General of Honolulu and in partnership with Jacob’s Gourmet Foods, Kasama Rum, Marigold Corp. (Mama Sita’s) and Tanduay USA happens June 20–26 this year.
Photo courtesy Philippine Consulate General of Honolulu

What restaurants are participating?

The participating restaurants statewide are listed on the Filipino Food Week Hawai‘i Facebook Page.

Since Fil-Am Voice is circulated on Maui, let me share with you about the participating restaurants and the dish they will offer:

HUMBLE MARKET KITCHIN – Ora King Salmon Belly Sisig – Calamansi Hawaiian Chili Water Ponzu, Smoked Ikura, Crispy Garlic

JOEY’S KITCHEN – Caramelized Scallops, Maui Cattle Co. Oxtail Kare Kare Risotto rice, Fried Okra, Bagoong chili oil & Chopped Peanuts

ROY’S KĀ‘ANAPALI – Karekare Surf & Turf – Tender Beef Short Rib, Butter Shrimp, Arroz Caldo Risotto

TANTE’S ISLAND CUISINE – Lechon Kawali Garlic Fried Rice Loco Moco with Mushrooms & Mama Sita’s Siling Labuyo

Fil-Am Voice supports the Filipino Food Week’s Mission

We are sharing this Filipino Food Week Hawai‘i event here at Fil-Am Voice to show support of this endeavor to promote Filipino culture.

Do you have any upcoming event that will promote Filipino culture? Let us know. If it is a good fit for our readers, we will share about it here as well. In the meantime, don’t forget to patronize one of the restaurants listed above and enjoy the delicious Filipino cuisine.

Maraming Salamat po!

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