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Rosalie Padre Fernandez

Lucy Peros | Photos courtesy Fernandez ‘Ohana

Gratitude can have a significant impact on our minds, bodies and our overall well-being. Someone said “A grateful person is a happy person.” This month’s featured Sakada Offspring, Rosalie “Rose” Padre Fernandez is this such person.

Rose was born in May 1969 at Maui Memorial Hospital. She attended Kahului School, Maui High School and Maui Community College now known as University of Hawai‘i Maui College, where she received her Associate Science Degree. She worked at Hale Makua from 1987–1990. Since 1990, she has worked at Kaiser Permanente, where she is currently the Administrative Coordinator, Nursing Administration.

Rose is married to Jeremy Fernandez. He works as a truck driver for the County of Maui, Wastewater Department.

Rose Fernandez

Jeremy and Rose have three children. The oldest, Cory Fernandez, a son, attended Waihe‘e Elementary, ‘Īao School, Baldwin High School and Western Oregon University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He is employed at the State of Hawai‘i, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement.

Their second child, Brandon Fernandez, a son, attended Waihe‘e Elementary, ‘Īao School, Baldwin High School and the University of Hawai‘i Maui College where he received his degree in Auto Body. Brandon is self-employed at Brandon’s Auto Body. He is engaged to Macey Harris. They have a daughter together, Sayler Kala‘i Fernandez.

Their only daughter, Sienna Fernandez, attended Waihe‘e Elementary School, ‘Īao School and is currently a senior at Baldwin High School. She plans to attend Oregon Institute Technology in the Fall of 2024.

Lino Padre

Rose attends St. Anthony Church in Wailuku. Her hobbies and interests consist of traveling, spending time with her granddaughter, watching her children play sports, attending sport events and spending time with her family and friends.

Rose’s sister, Linda Fernandez works at Hale Makua as a Nursing Secretary. Her husband Leslie works for Goodfellow Brothers as a Heavy Equipment Operator. They have three children, Troy, Katrina, and Hayley, two grandchildren, ages one and two.

Rose’s brother, Eddie Padre works at Hertz Rent-A-Car as an auto technician. His wife, Clairolyn Padre works at Avis/Budget Rent-A-Car as an Auto Shop Secretary.

Cory Fernandez (from left), Rose Fernandez, Sienna Fernandez, Sayler Fernandez, Jeremy Fernandez and Brandon Fernandez pose to take this family photo.

Rose’s father, Lino Padre was one of the thousands of Sakadas who came to Hawai‘i in 1946, recruited to work in the sugar and pineapple plantations. He was born on September 23, 1916 in Paing, Bantay, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

At age 30 and single, Lino left the Philippines on board the S.S. Mauna-wili leaving the Philippines from Port Salomague in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. They boarded the S.S. Maunawili by climbing a rope. The Sakadas reached Hawai‘i after a month-long journey. Upon arrival on Maui, Lino Padre worked at HC&S (Hawai‘i Commercial and Sugar Company) right away. He did jobs such as, “push canes,” a job that required bending and pushing the sugarcane stalks away from the pathway and drove trucks that pushed the harvested burnt sugarcane stalks into piles before someone else picked the sugarcane to transport them to the sugar mill. Lino did this job until he retired at age 62 in 1978.

Rose with siblings and mom pose for this photo; Linda Fernandez (from left), Rosalie Fernandez, Percy Padre, and Eddie Padre.

At age 46 in 1962, Lino Padre decided to go back to the Philippines to find a wife. While he was attending a church service during Holy Week in Bantay, he spotted a beautiful young lady. That young lady was 19-year-old, Perseveranda Peria. It was meant to be they would get married even though both had different callings in life. They were married on March 29, 1962 a month before Lino was scheduled to return to Hawai‘i because of his job. Percy was able to follow Lino to Hawai‘i in March 1966. They lived at McGerrow Camp, a camp located across the Pu‘unēnē sugar mill. Percy Padre was a stay home mom while her children were pre-school age. When her children were old enough to attend school, she went to work at the Maui Pine Cannery in the crush department. She also worked at the Maui Beach Hotel, Kā‘anapali Beach Hotel, Papaya Farm, and finally at HC&S. There she repaired PVC pipes and worked in the installation maintenance department repairing straps for water drainage until she retired in 1992.

Lino and Percy were instrumental in sponsoring their brothers and sisters so they would be able to come to Hawai‘i to find a better life for themselves and for their children. It was a sacrifice on their part because of their love for their brothers and sisters. Before Lino passed away on July 17, 1999, they both enjoyed taking trips to Las Vegas.

Rose shared her feelings about her parents: I love both of my parents with all my heart. They are kind people who taught their children and grandchildren to be the same like them. I aspire to become like my parents and achieve in life with their blessings. Everything they did, they did for our betterment and both went the extra mile. My parents sacrificed so much for me and my siblings to make sure we are well taken care of, gave us what we needed to be successful in life and both worked so hard to put their children to college so we could get better paying jobs. I am very grateful for everything my parents have done for me and my family.

Dad Lino Padre and Rose Fernandez
Lino and Percy Padre
Percy and Lino Padre

Lucy Peros is a retired schoolteacher, having taught at St. Anthony Grade School and Waihe‘e Elementary School. Both of her late parents, Elpidio Cachero Cabalo (a 1946 Sakada) and Alejandra Cabudoy Cabalo of Hāli‘imaile, worked for Maui Land and Pine Company. Lucy now enjoys retirement and has time to join other seniors in the Enhance Fitness Program under the Department of Aging three times a week. She also attends the line dancing class and other activities at Kaunoa and joins other Waihe‘e School retirees when help is needed at the school. Lucy also devotes some of her time to activities at Christ The King Catholic Church. She enjoys writing and reading in her spare time.