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Caroling and Some of the Popular Filipino Christmas songs

Liza of “A Maui Blog”

With the Christmas season just around the corner, I can’t help but think of Christmas, particularly Christmas in the Philippines. What do you miss most about celebrating Christmas in the Philippines? Aside from Noche Buena with my family, one thing I miss the most is the caroling.

Oh how I remember the neighborhood kids who come night after night with only a handful of songs they can sing such as Pako Na Naman, Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit and We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Then they expect you to give them money. When you don’t give money, they will sing a We Wish You A Merry Christmas with an ending ang babarat ninyo (you are so stingy) … Thank you.” Yes, it is funny and it could be annoying sometimes but now that I am here on Maui and I don’t get to hear those kids, I kinda miss them.

If you are a Filipino who grew up here in the U.S., maybe you are not familiar with what I was talking about (kids carolers). Nevertheless, you are familiar with the tradition of caroling. Nowadays, Christmas caroling is often used as a fundraising activity for churches and non-profit organization.

My thoughts wandered from missing Christmas Carolers to simply missing hearing some of the favorite Filipino Christmas songs. I am sure that at this time they are being played all over in the Philippines. So, let’s talk story about this. What are some of your favorite Filipino Christmas songs? What do you think are some of the most popular?

Here are what I think are popular and favorites (not in any particular order). Did I miss any? (Do let us know.)

♫ Pasko Na Sinta ko – Gary Valenciano
♫ Sana Ngayong Pasko – Ariel Rivera
♫ Christmas in Our Hearts – Jose Marie Chan
♫ Tuloy na Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko – Apo Hiking Society
♫ Himig ng Pasko – Apo Hiking Society
♫ Noche Buena – Marco Sison
♫ Sa Paskong Darating – Celeste Legaspi
♫ Namamasko (Sa may Bahay Ang Aming Bati)
♫ Pasko Na Naman – (usually sung by a choir)
♫ Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit – (usually a choir song)
♫ Simbang Gabi – (usually sung by a choir)
♫ Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang
♫ Christmas In Our Hearts – Jose Marie Chan
♫ O Magsaya (Joy to the World) – (usually sung by a choir)
♫ Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit – (usually sung by a choir)

Christmas Caroling with Good Shepherd Episcopal Church youth. Photo: Alfredo Evangelista

Are you feeling nostalgic yet? I am. Thankfully, these songs can easily be found on While I am finishing this column, I have these songs playing in the background via

Are you ready for Christmas? Ready or not, it will come; so why not enjoy the season by listening to these iconic and classic Filipino Christmas songs. Better yet, not just listen but sing along as well! Maligayang Pasko sa Ating Lahat!

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