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Things To Do in Wailuku

Liza A Pierce of “A Maui Blog”

Nestled in the central part of the island of Maui, Wailuku Town beckons with a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With the recent opening of the Wailuku Garage (the public parking space), I thought it would be good for us to talk story about what to do in Wailuku. More information about the Wailuku Garage will be at the end of this column but first, mag kwento-kwentuhan tayo about things to do in Wailuku.

There are many things to do in Wailuku both for local residents and for visitors and tourists. Let us explore some of them here:

1. Explore Market Street Take a leisurely stroll along historic Market Street, discovering charming boutiques, local shops and vibrant cafés. Some examples of wonderful places to shop are: Native Intelligence, Paradise Now Hawai‘i, Sabado Art Gallery and Depo Market.

2. Indulge in Wailuku Coffee and Breakfast I mentioned vibrant cafés and would like to elaborate more. An example is to start your day at Wailuku Coffee Company, savoring the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee in a cozy Hawaiian setting. You may opt for fresh juice and Açaí Bowl at Maui Juice Co. If you are craving for a big breakfast, try SixtyTwo MarcKet and order their spam fried rice or loco moco.

3. Hike in ‘Īao Valley State Park Head to ‘Īao Valley for a scenic hike amidst lush greenery and marvel at the iconic ‘Īao Needle, a natural Hawaiian landmark. Take note for out-of-state visitors, you will need a reservation. More information at

Earth to Sky Exhibit” at Discover Imua in Wailuku.
Photo Liza Pierce

4. Relax at Kepaniwai Park When going to ‘Īao Valley, also take a break at Kepaniwai Park, a serene oasis celebrating Maui’s multicultural heritage with themed gardens representing different ethnicities. Don’t forget to visit the Filipino Bahay Kubo.

5. Discover Bailey House Museum Immerse yourself in Hawaiian history at the Bailey House Museum, showcasing artifacts and exhibits chronicling the island’s cultural evolution.

6. Appreciate Garden and Art Visit the on-going Earth to Sky exhibit at Discover Imua Gardens. It is “a world full of imagination” for the young and old (ok, maybe not old but letʻs say young at heart).

Mystery Maui.
Photo Kit Furukawa

7. Cultural Experience at ‘Īao Theater Visit the historic ‘Īao Theater on Market Street for cultural performances, films and a glimpse into Wailuku’s artistic heritage.

8. Culinary Delights and Foodtrucks Savor diverse culinary delights at local eateries like Gianotto’s Pizzeria and A Saigon Café, experiencing the island’s flavors. Experience delightful food from Foodtrucks in the Wailuku Foodtruck Pod, where Like Poke and Dôlish Maui are located. There are many more places to eat; walk around and see them.

9. Mystery Maui This is an orginal-themed, 5-star rated mystery room. Fun for the whole family and with friends. Something different to do on Maui.

10. Explore and Learn Visit Ka‘ahumanu Congregational Church, the Good Sheperd Episcopal Church and the Wailuku Library.

Mystery Maui.
Photo Kit Furukawa

Obviously, this is not a complete list but it is a good start. What other things to do in Wailuku would you suggest?

About Wailuku Parking

As I mentioned earlier, the Wailuku Garage opened to the public on Jan. 16, with a two-hour parking time limit between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. This state-of-the art, four-level, 393-stall parking structure replaced the old municipal parking lot. It is expected to double the available parking capacity as well as provide electric vehicle charging stations and ten stalls compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

For now, parking is free. It is expected, however, fees will apply in the future, pending approval of the PARK MAUI program by the Maui County Council.

The main Wailuku Garage entrance is located at 30 N. Church St. in Wailuku. The hours of operation are from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. Overnight or permit parking is not allowed at this time. All vehicles must be removed from the garage by 11 p.m. or be subject to enforcement.

For more information including proposed parking rates, permits and fees, visit

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