Secrets to a Long Life

Secrets to a Long Life

Quintin Casio celebrates 105 years.

Centenarian Quintin Casio is shown here at his 105th birthday celebration. This youngster is still going strong! Photo: Paul Pigao

Singing his favorite songs, dancing, and travelling are among the things that keep centenarian Quintin Casio young at heart. And so far, it’s worked! On October 30th at the Maui Beach Hotel Terrace Restaurant, he celebrated his 105th birthday hosted by his six children—(from oldest to youngest) Melecia, Liberato, Alejo, Rodrigo, Violy, and Alicia with treasured family and friends.

So—what’s the secret to living past 100? According to his daughter Violy, she believes it’s his young-at-heart spirit that keeps him moving. His daily routine includes walking up and down the stairs of their two-story home, and attending a Seniors’ club in Wailuku to socialize, exercise, and make new friends. He still enjoys rides to Hāna and going on excursions. The photos of his travels and his bright, youthful smile are proof of that. It also doesn’t hurt that he eats plenty of vegetables and fruit daily.

Casio is shown here with Mayor and Mrs. Michael Victorino at his 105th birthday celebration. Inset is the Certificate of Recognition from Mayor he received that night.
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio

Or could the secret be in his genes? Casio is the oldest of six children in his family. And although he is the only living sibling left—a few of his siblings lived to be as old as 87 (brother – Placido), 92 (sister – Pacita), and 99 (sister – Sion) years old. He squints and taps his forehead as he tries to recall the memory of his great-grandfather—who lived to be 120 years old! To note—the oldest person authenticated and recorded in the world—is a record that has been held by Jeanne Louise Calment (France) at 122 years old.

According to the Guinness World Records, the world’s oldest person alive is 116-year-old Kane Tanaka from Japan who was officially confirmed this year.

At his birthday party, Casio was awarded with a Certificate of Recognition presented by the County of Maui—and Mayor Michael Victorino. According to the Mayor, Casio is currently the oldest man on Maui.

Casio taking bus to Wailuku Seniors club.
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio

I am in awe as I watch Casio get up from his rocking chair all on his own and saunter over to the dining table, cane in hand with such ease to enjoy his morning snack. I can only hope that my joints will have the same fluidity when I reach his age. Casio was born in 1914 in Pangasinan. He was born during World War I while Woodrow Wilson was in presidency and was also born a month before famous baseball player Joe DiMaggio of the New York Yankees.

Casio attended the 2018 Philippine Flag Raising Ceremony
Photo: Alfredo Evangelista

Casio grew up becoming a farmer and grew the common necessities of the Philippines—corn, rice, and tobacco. In 1950, he married Petra Maines. He arrived on Maui in 1977. Even at 65-years-old, Casio took to employment after his arrival and dedicated seven years to the Maui Pineapple cannery before retiring in 1985. His wife later arrived in Hawai‘i in 1985 but moved back to the Philippines in 1995. She unfortunately passed away in June 1999 while Casio and his family were visiting. She lived to be 79 years old. From then, he spent his years surrounded by his sixteen grandchildren—who have now replaced themselves with fifteen great-grandchildren to keep him busy.

It’s clear Casio has been anything but idle. As he became older, his daughter Violy retired in 2013 to keep him company. The timing could not have been better. It was time for her to retire after working for the Westin in Kā‘anapali for twenty-six years. Occasionally, the siblings each take their turn in taking care of Casio.

Casio with siblings and grandchildren
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio
Casio with his many grandchildren.
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio
Casio walking on beach with daughter Violy. Photo courtesy Quintin Casio
Casio shown here spending time with his grandchildren on a gondola ride at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Photo courtesy Quintin Casio
This basket was woven by Casio. It’s one of his current pastimes.
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio

Aside from attending senior citizen outings in Wailuku, Casio enjoys having a leisurely day at home. Each day, he awakes to drink his Ensure with his daily vitamins—a mixture of a multivitamin, vitamin B12, fish oil, calcium, and turmeric. What you’ll also be surprised to learn is Casio is still every bit of a gentleman as he was in his younger years. After his shower in the morning, he will pick out his clothing ensemble for the day. Today he dons a pair of neatly pressed gray slacks, with a matching gray collared shirt, that is neatly tucked in with a Coach belt. He smiles at me and gives me a thumbs up and finishes his Ensure. A black basket is hung outside on their lānai. It is one of the many that he has made to pass the time along. Made from plastic tubing, Casio weaves these baskets in different sizes to give away to family members and to sell. The pleats are neat and tightly woven.

Casio got “game”! Here, he stands arms wrapped around a Marilyn Munroe lookalike on the strip in Las Vegas.
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio

It is evident that his daily crossword puzzles and time writing song lyrics have kept his mind agile. But for now—instead of exercising his mind and body—he is resting for the trip ahead.

Casio’s last long trip was last year, where he flew to Arizona for a grandchild’s graduation. During the excursion, he endured a five to six-hour road trip to Vegas. After successfully withstanding the trip, he and his family have decided to travel to the Philippines. They left for their trip on November 7th, bringing the festivities of his longevity to his homeland.

I am positive that his relatives and family have missed his warmth. His love for life—for dancing, singing, and spending time with friends and family have definitely kept him youthful. His bright, smiling personality inspires all that even at 105 years old, there is still much to enjoy in the world.

Casio with his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren at his 105th birthday party
Photo courtesy Quintin Casio

Vanessa Joy Domingo is a graduate of Maui High School and is currently attending University of Hawai‘i Maui College. She is employed with Coldwell Banker – Wailea Village as a Realtor and was the 2018 Miss Maui Filipina. When she has free time, she loves to go fishing, go to the gym and practice aerial silks. She volunteers her time throughout the community with the Maui Filipino Community Council, Binhi at Ani, Read Aloud America and Maui High School Foundation. She recently married Mark Domingo and enjoyed their honeymoon aboard a cruise ship to Mexico. She has decided that cruise ships are probably one of the best ways to travel since food is accessible 24/7.