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What do you think of the Marcos’ offer?

President Ferdinand Marcos had allegedly plundered the wealth of the Philippines during his time.
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“Ang sabi nila the father was only protecting the economy… but ganito ang lumabas parang naitago,” said President Duterte, according to ABS-CBN.
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Fil-Am Voice staff asked members of Maui’s Filipino community “What do you think of the Marcos’ offer?”

Arnold of Wailuku with roots in Badoc, Ilocos Norte: “If it’s not theirs, give ’em back.”

Bernie of Wailuku with roots in Cabugao, Ilocos Sur: “If the Marcoses are willing to return the millions stashed in Swiss bank and the gold bars, then they are telling the whole world that they plundered, robbed, they manipulated the poor million Filipinos who suffered during the 19 years of Marcos’ dictatorship. He is guilty therefore he doesn’t deserve to be buried in the LNMB (Libingan Ng Mga Bayani). He should be exhumed and returned to Ilocos Norte, he is not a hero, to me!”

Diane of Wailuku with roots in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte: “Where’s our share?”

Elorde of Kahului with roots in Banna, Ilocos Norte: “Fair enough. As long as they give it back to the people.”

Grace of Kīhei with roots in Laoag City and Bacarra, Ilocos Norte: “That’s telling the people they’re admitting their faults—stealing money from the people.”

Juvy of Lahaina with roots in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte: “It is a smart move for the Marcos family, that means they trust the Duterte administration. Let’s all move on—after 30 years of corrupt government, it is time for our country shine. It will benefit to our countrymen and it will be the downfall of the Dilawan.”

Karen of Kīhei with roots in Sison, Pangasinan: “Doesn’t it belong to the Philippines anyway? It wasn’t theirs to begin with.”

Kit of Wailuku with roots in Quezon City, Metro Manila: “It’s not surprising anymore for President Duterte to make such statements when the Marcoses haven’t even made the commitment publicly yet. If it’s true, then the Marcoses do admit about the ill-gotten wealth they amassed. My concern is that this could be pure propaganda to give the public a false sense of justice, because the return of the wealth they stole from the people shouldn’t give them immunity from criminal prosecution.”

Magdalena of Kahului with roots in Paoay, Ilocos Norte: “That would be good because Duterte could use it for the good of the people. The money has to be returned to the government.”

Marilyn of Kahului with roots in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte: “It’s a good gesture but it’s like they are agreeing they took the money. If they are willing to do that, we should take it. I don’t see anything wrong with that but they are admitting they stole the money. Question is who did they steal the money from—the government or the people?”

Michelle of Kahului with roots in Pangasinan and Bohol: “I believe that it’s an honorable gesture to give back money and gold bars to the Philippines government, as long as it wasn’t obtained illegally.”

Randy of Wailuku with roots in San Juan, Ilocos Sur: “I think this wealth was in the good hands of Marcos because if not long time they sold it to a very rich country, and what I can see is they really trust the present administration of President Duterte. That is why they are returning this ton of gold because they know that they will use this to pay the debt of our country which is in the trillions and they are sure that this administration they will not put in their own pocket. That is why they really have the confidence and feel comfortable in returning because the past administrations they were all corrupt and they can really trust President Duterte in handling this wealth.”

Virginia of Wailuku with roots in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur: “The question sparks more questions for me. How much of the 14 billion allegedly taken from the Philippines will be returned? Is this gesture an admission of guilt that the assets were ill-gotten? To whom is the money going and for what purpose?”

Zenaida of Wailuku with roots in Sinait, Ilocos Sur: “To whom? Not to the government but I would love to see it returned to the people who really needs it.