The Crowning Moment of Graduation

Congratulations to all our 2018 Graduates! You deserve every moment of praise for making it on graduation day to receive your diploma and awards. Earning your graduation has never been an easy accomplishment. To the graduates, our hats off to you!

Behind the string of celebrations after graduation, thousands of doll-ars and hours have been poured into your education, creating a mix of memories, sacrifices, stumble-and-fall stories and swift triumphs, not only on the part of the new graduates but also on the collaboration of parents, teachers and school staff in shaping the graduates’ minds and talents so they may become better actors in the community.

To the new graduates, you made your parents and the entire family shout with joy at the top of their voices when your name was called on to the stage, and as you received your diploma, you could see tears roll down their eyes, claiming the same accomplishment you earned.

Graduation though should not be the end itself; rather, it should be a transition for the graduates to discover their “best self” as they decide the paths to take—find a job, pursue a career, set up a business, or maybe, establish a family. Oftentimes, this decision-making process after graduation rests on readiness in terms of knowledge and skills, training, and of course, financial fitness. Ultimately, the most important thing is the will and courage to carry on and pursue your dreams!

For the high school graduates, many of them may opt to mix a job with further schooling as the best way to obtain a college degree. For those who can afford college, the path becomes more accessible than those who work and study at the same time. But as the saying goes, the path to success is always under construction.

For the college graduates this year, you have the best opportunity to find a job here at home or even on the mainland or to continue your career or profession to the Master or Doctoral level. The key to any of these options requires a strong choice to challenge your interests, talents and educational preparation. No matter what path you choose, studying or working prepares you as a better person in the future.

The adventure that lies ahead can be very daunting. But for the time being, let the whole family and circle of friends join the graduates in their joyful time, perhaps, from getting a select few of families and friends to a restaurant, to a get-together party at one’s house, or to a grand party in a community center or a hotel. Just to have everybody feel the same way—happy for the success of the graduate.

The day after all the parties marks the time of a more serious answer to the question: “What do I want to do for the rest of my life?” For sure, there are a number of opportunities and career choices that may have piqued the interest of the graduates. This is the time to charter the next chapter of your life, to define your interests and goals so you can be the person you want to be. This may be the time to follow the path you began a few years ago, the one you made preparations for.

As new graduates, you are the heroes of your family and friends and the community. You can inspire the younger generations by showing that you have a goal to achieve; that is, to have a decent job or career in which you will enjoy making a difference in the lives of the people around you while serving them with enthusiasm and the right attitude. Become the best citizen that you can be for your country! Forward ho!