Welcoming the New Year

Welcoming the New Year

Enjoy you, so others can, too!

I believe we all agree 2020 was wild and crazy with the pandemic we now want to forget. I don’t know about you but I certainly will not miss year 2020: social distancing, face coverings, no visits with family, no dinners with friends and associates, no vacations with loved ones, no hugging or shaking hands, even impersonal Zoom instead of face-to-face meetings, just to name a few.

Hello 2021!
Photo: Vince Bagoyo, Jr.

Now we are in 2021, I am hopeful more than ever brighter days are ahead. Actively presented with a gift of new leadership in government, our nation and the world watches hopefully as we look towards the inaugurations of soon-to-be President Joseph Robinette Biden and Vice-President Kamala Devi Harris, who show every day their model of teamwork with undeniable intention to create a leadership team reflecting the diversity of our increasingly wider spectrum of Americans—in color, creed and love. And the new incoming Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate gives us some sense of normalcy. I am hopeful the policies they will advance will address many of the needs of our people, not just for the few and privileged.

Let’s all say farewell—sayonara, adiós, good-bye, adieu and aloha ‘oe to 2020 and give our loudest welcoming shoutout to 2021. Are you ready to ring in the New Year with undaunted excitement for and unabashed anticipation of a new beginning? I am definitely ready! Now we all look forward to a new year with unlimited opportunities and creative possibilities and a safer future on the horizon, with the new vaccines and unprecedented cooperation across the continents, unified in prevention measures to combat COVID-19. Humanity comes together with determination to work globally and nationally in order to decrease the spread of the virus and move more quickly into establishing again a world order through friendships among stable economies, inviting productive work forces and shared responsibilities to mitigate the disturbing, urgent signs of climate change to save the planet for yet unborn generations. Yes, together we can triumph once more over trials and challenges in our continuing history of success against tribulations we face one at a time and most of all, when we have done our best to work collectively as one people.

Let us usher in the arrival of 2021 on a warm welcome mat of optimism and inspiration!

More than ever, we understand the need to treasure time with family. Traditionally, the most common New Year’s resolutions are: lose weight; eat healthier; save, save, save money; recycle; and discover exotic places for vacations. These types of resolutions are more inward ideas centered upon oneself. Perhaps, we can and want to move in a different mode, one that is focused outwardly on the needs of others and how we can better contribute to the greater good because we acknowledge that improving the welfare and daily life of the most needy will simultaneously upgrade circumstances for all in our communities and ultimately, the world.

Love 2021!
Photo: Vince Bagoyo, Jr.

Here are a few ideas to consider for 2021:

• Demonstrate daily both intentional and random acts of kindness.
• Be a volunteer in special causes that assist the less fortunate.
• Mentor someone who needs your guidance and encouragement.
• Become the person who is known to have a listening ear.
• Share what you have freely to bless others more frequently.
• Choose to be with people who see greatness and potential within you—even when you don’t see how amazing you are.
• Extend forgiveness quickly and love those who have wronged you.
• Be grateful for God’s many blessings in your life.
• Inspire others to be the best that God intended them to be.
• Nurture your gardens—first family and friends, then fruits, vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees, other plants.
• Give attention to your environment—home, neighborhood, widest reach.
• Always look for the good in every heart.
• Be quick to give thumbs up and shaka signs to the positive efforts of young people, as a visible guide to help them stay on the right and healthy paths of growing up.
• Be willing to look deeply and warmly into the eyes of children, especially the ones who openly yearn to be loved and held close.
• Give a smile to everyone you meet, every time you can, on every day.
• Do the things you think you cannot do.
• Be open to the next, yet unknown adventure.
• Enjoy you—so others can, too.

In the Bible, the Book of Acts reminds us how the early church came together into oneness to help each other and to lift each other up. They were unified with joyful hearts to serve others in need. Throughout the Book of Acts you see a passion for unity and togetherness and not as much for individuality—truly caring for each other. Let us all be that community who inspires, encourages and acts habitually and cheerfully as the hands and feet for those in need and less fortunate. Let this be our New Year’s resolution for 2021! HAPPY NEW YEAR!