Let’s Talk Pinoy!

And there goes our shortest month, gone… just like that. March was unusual to have a lot of rain, snow caps and more raining in Hawai‘i. I am probably still soaked from the last rainfall. How did you fare this “winter” season in Hawai‘i? Even though the weeds grow, even though your shoes are muddy and you can’t hang your clothes out to dry at the moment, I still think it is beautiful. There is a certain serenity in rain, a soothing vibration and a calm forcing you to slow down a bit and even concentrate on things you have taken for granted.

The month of March in the Philippines is graduation month. From elementary to high cchool, and even college, all kids are wrapping up their finals and parents are planning the festivities. Here in Hawai‘i, kids are just barely into their midterms in the third quarter. Seniors are just done presenting their Senior Project. Do you have any family graduating? Can you still recite your Alma Mater? Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/filamvoicemaui and shout out your High School Alma Mater, Hawai‘i or Philippines or both!

Shout out to our March birthday celebrants: Sharmaine Jolleen Butay, Glenda Soriano, Sharon Zalsos Banaag and Dustin “DJ” Metzler. Happy, Happy birthday to you! Maligayang bati sa inyong kaarawan! (Tagalog) Naimbag nga panagkasangay mo! (Ilokano) Makapagayaya nga aggaw na nikeyana mu! (Ibanag) Masayang kebaitan queca! (Kapampangan) Masadya gid nga adlaw sa imo pagkatawo! (Ilonggo)

Let’s see what’s going on with our story this month and where Michael and Angel will be going next, shall we?

“Did you kill a cop?” he asks seriously.

Angel laughs.

“It’s not a funny question,” Michael says.

“Michael, do you think I am capable of killing a cop? How did I kill him? I am scared of thunder, let alone fire a gun? Common, Michael …” says Angel.

“Don’t common Michael me. Answer the question,” Michael demands.

“No, I did not,” Angel says seriously.

“Then why did my Inahan (mom) say you killed a cop?” Michael looks up at Angel crying. Ano (What)? Is this true?

Angel’s tears fall from her mukha (face) and she says, “No. I don’t know nanoyin (what) she is talking about.” And she starts sobbing.

She is uttering some words but Michael can’t hear her over her sobbing.

Michael walks away from Angel.

He continues to walk. Inno (Where) is he going? Why is he walking away? He is not the one who did something. He closes his eyes for a moment and thinks.

“Michael!” Angel shouts. “Nasaan (Where) are you going?”

Michael continues walking. Angel jogs towards him. “Hey … wait! Wait for me!” she shouts.

Michael stops.

He faces her and asks her, “Did you kill a cop? Answer me honestly,” Michael demands.

Angel is shaking and answers, “No. I did not kill a cop. I don’t own any gun or weapon to kill a cop. I did not do anything.” She starts sobbing.

Michael takes her elbow and guides her back to the kotse (car).

“Let’s go back to the sasakyan (car) and we need to get out of here. It’s not safe, especially for you.” Michael looks around to see if anyone is there.

“Nokarin (Where) are we going?” Angel asks.

“I don’t know. Away from here. Anywhere,” Michael says confusedly.

They walk to the saken (car) quietly.

Angel gets inside the sakyanan (car), buckles up.

“Michael, I did not kill a cop. Do you believe me? I didn’t do anything!” She starts sobbing.

“Ssshhh … Be quiet for now. Explain later. Right now, let’s go to my house.” Michael tells her.

“To your balay (house)? Your nanay (mom’s) house? I don’t want to go to your bahay (house). Your nanang (mom) is there. I am scared of your inahan (mom)!” Angel’s cries flood with trembles and hiccups.

Who is not scared of other people’s mom for interrogation? I know, I would be.

Anyways that’s all I have. Keep an eye out for my article on every issue. I’m Dulce, helping you to master your Filipino Languages. Like always, let’s laugh, let’s makinig (listen), and Let’s Talk Pinoy! Hanggang sa muli! (Until next time!) Ingat! (Take care!).

Dulce Karen Butay was graduated from Maui High School and received her Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Maui Community College. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, specializing in Accounting, from the University of Hawai‘i – West O‘ahu. She is currently the Administrative Officer at the County of Maui, Department of Finance. Butay is a licensed Resident Producer of Life Insurance with World Financial Group and an Independent Consultant of Saladmaster. She is now part of Saladmaster’s Travel Club and won an all-expenses paid trip to Cancún, Mexico. Butay has traveled to Texas, the Philippines and Thailand as one of the delegates from Island Healthy Solutions, a Saladmaster dealer here on Maui.