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Shave Ice on Maui

Liza A Pierce of “A Maui Blog” | Photos courtesy The Aloha 360

It’s summer time and we are craving for some Shave Ice to cool us off! Shave Ice, a quintessential Hawaiian treat, holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors alike. This refreshing dessert, distinct from a typical snow cone, features finely shaved ice, which absorbs an array of vibrant and natural fruit syrups, creating a burst of flavor with every spoonful. Maui, with its warm tropical climate and picturesque landscapes, is an ideal destination to indulge in this delightful icy treat. From iconic establishments to hidden gems, the island offers a diverse range of Shave Ice spots, each crafting their unique combinations of flavors capturing the essence of the Aloha spirit. Whether strolling along the sunny beaches or exploring charming towns, the cool and sweet relief of Shave Ice on Maui is a cherished experience, making it an essential part of any island adventure. Here is a list of favorite places to get Shave Ice here on Maui:

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice (multiple locations): Ululani’s is a beloved Maui institution known for its fluffy Shave Ice, vibrant flavors and generous toppings like sweetened condensed milk and mochi. You’re always close to a refreshing treat with several locations across the island.

Tobi’s Shave Ice (Pā‘ia): Tobi’s in Pā‘ia is a popular spot, offering organic and all-natural Shave Ice options. Their flavors range from traditional to unique and you can savor your Shave Ice while strolling through the charming town of Pā‘ia.

Surfing Monkey Shave Ice (Kīhei): Surfing Monkey is a favorite among locals and tourists for its mouthwatering Shave Ice creations, made with premium syrups and fresh fruit toppings. Located in Kīhei, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing treat after a day at the beach.

Bling Bing Shave Ice

Bling Bing Shave Ice (Kīhei): Bling Bing Shave Ice offers a unique choice of Chinese Shave Ice, using finely shaved ice and gourmet condensed milk syrup. Located in Kīhei, it’s a hidden gem for Shave Ice enthusiasts seeking delicious and innovative flavors.

Peace Love Shave Ice (Kīhei): A family-owned spot in Kīhei, offering a vibrant atmosphere and friendly service. They serve generous portions of finely shaved ice with a variety of tropical flavors and fun add-ons like ice cream and mochi.

Gus Hawaiian Shave Ice

Gus Hawaiian Shave Ice (Kīhei): Bringing you the taste of authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice with their 64′ VW bus. Delicious Shave Ice with natural fruit. They are located in front of the World Mark condos at Alunui Ke Ali‘i Street in Kīhei close to Kama‘ole Beach I.

The Shave Ice Spot (Kā‘anapali): Located at the Fairway Village, this cozy shop offers finely shaved ice with house-made syrups free from artificial additives. Their extensive menu includes classic and exotic flavors for a refreshing treat.

Big Wave Shave Ice Company (Lahaina): At their Westin Nanea location, expect finely shaved ice topped with premium, house-made syrups. Enjoy traditional and tropical flavors or have your Shave Ice served in fresh pineapples for an extra Hawaiian touch.

Note from Liza: This article was written prior to the Maui Fire. I decided to move forward with publishing this article about Shave Ice on Maui after deleting one of the Shave Ice shops orginally on the list: Breakwall Shave Ice, which was burned in the Lahaina Fire. The Ululani Shave Shop in Lahaina was also burned down but their shops in other towns are open. Our hearts pour out to the Lahaina and Maui residents affected by the fire.

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