Aloha Mayor Arakawa and Welcome Mayor Victorino

Mayor Alan Arakawa

Just a few weeks ago, the transition from Mayor Alan Arakawa to Mayor Michael Victorino was completed with the swearing in of Mayor Victorino on January 2.

Mayor Arakawa will perhaps be remembered as Maui’s only three term Mayor. While the problems of homelessness and affordable housing are statewide, Maui was not left unscathed. There is no simple fix to these complicated problems.

Mayor Arakawa was very supportive and in attendance at many of Maui’s Filipino community events. He was very approachable and understanding of the problems of small business owners like myself.

Mayor Michael Victorino

Likewise, Mayor Victorino is also easy to talk to. He and his wife Joycelyn also attend and support many of the events of our Filipino community.

As our new Mayor, he deserves our support to continue to resolve the many challenges that we face in our County. Yes the problems of homelessness, housing, the loss of jobs through the closure of HC&S and Maui Prince still exist. The Mayor and the Council will need to work together and be on the same page if we expect these challenges to be lessened. The sale of the HC&S land–and all the issues that come with it such as water will need the close attention of Mayor Victorino and the Council. We wish our elected officials success so that we as a community can continue to grow and Maui will be always no ka oi!

Finally, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t forget to show your love to your special person. For me, I am always grateful to the love of my life, my wife Telly, who has been by my side in all my work and community endeavors.

Tante Urban | Editor