What Do You Think?

What Do You Think of Super Bowl LV?

Each year, the NFL showcases the largest sports event in the world. This year’s 55th Super Bowl featured a battle between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers led by quarterback Tom Brady (formerly of the New England Patriots) and the Kansas City Chiefs led by upcoming quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In the end, 43 year old Brady won his seventh Super Bowl—more than any NFL team—by a whopping score of 31–9. The vaunted Chiefs offense managed to score only three field goals. Fil-Am Voice Assistant Editor Alfredo Evangelista asked members of Maui’s Filipino community “What Do You Think of Super Bowl LV?”

Angelina Abapo: With Tom Brady’s 10th Championship game, it was too obvious. He led the Buccaneers team to the NFL title. Too bad Patrick Mahomes got a shock of his life—way to go chief!

Renato Acob: I was rooting for Tom Brady the GOAT who ever played the game. No one will ever be like Tom Brady. Mahomes will be back in the Super Bowl next year.

Melen Agcolicol: The Super Bowl is about gathering of families, friends and neighbors with the stake of $5 per block of 100 blocks. Scores at the end of each quarter determine the winners or share of the $500. After sharing the $500 pot with the other winners, the final score winner will probably just end up with $120. But that’s not a big deal. The big deal is the bragging rights of the Super Bowl winner. Just like this past Sunday, Super Bowl LV, I didn’t like any of the teams because I am a COWBOYS fan ever since I was 16, but I can’t forget TOM BRADY who is a SUPER BOWL or FOOTBALL legend who already had won six SUPER BOWL rings. Mike and I gathered in front of our television in our living room, betting each other who will win the Super Bowl and screamed when Brady passed a touchdown. Because of the gathering rule, we spent our SUPER BOWL SUNDAY at home for the first time in a long time; of course without the $5 per block bet. Perhaps, my house was happy to hear us scream and I think, to me, it was the best SUPER BOWL SUNDAY ever!

Rod Antone: I refused to watch it. I am not a fan of either the Chiefs or the Buccaneers but Tom Brady is a hell of a competitor; you can’t argue with seven Super Bowl wins. Hopefully, the Raiders will have a better season next year.
Elizabeth Ayson: Enjoyed time with friends, good food, great company … happy that Brady prepared his team with specific texts … to deliver as a team. Expected more from Mahomes and look forward to a bright future for him. Hoping Brady will go for at least one more!

Chris Barut: I think the Super Bowl this year was just a little strange to see more cardboard cutouts than fans that were socially distanced. I noticed it was much quieter. I also noticed a lot of powerful messages about unity and equality through the performances in the beginning from Amanda Gorman to seeing both Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan performing the National Anthem—both with different genres and difference races. I noticed the first female official in a Super Bowl and just found out the bomber flyovers was led by a female Air Force Captain (Sarah Kociuba) in a stealth bomber. The commercials weren’t the usual without a lot of the big names producing a lot. The halftime show was somewhat great, however, I didn’t notice the usual surprise performances by other artists. The use of the whole field to do the performance was something different though. The performance of the teams weren’t what I expected as I saw a lot of penalties being called but I enjoyed it overall.

Nora Cabanilla-Takushi: I didn’t even watch the game. When the 49ers lost, I stopped watching.

Gemma Calvan: The game was ok not as exciting as expected. One particular story that stood out is Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians and his 95 year-old mom watching in the stands to help celebrate Buccaneers as Super Bowl Champs 2021.

Alfred Cantorna: It was an incredible game if you were a Tampa Bay/Tom Brady fan. The Buccaneers offense was clicking and their defense pressured Patrick Mahomes all night that netted no touchdowns and only three field goals. Multiple penalties hurt the Kansas City Chiefs. Looking forward to seeing more of Tom Brady next year.

Conrado Cortez: I didn’t watch but I heard it was one-sided.

Edward Evangelista: I fell asleep during the second quarter.

Rhonda Faleafine: We enjoyed all the pre and half time entertainment. The game was pretty one sided. I felt sorry for KC with so many obstacles against them—no D-line, the D-line coach (head coach’s son) was in the hospital due to a car accident the previous day. Poor Mahomes had to run for his life. I really thought the game would be a nail bitter. Oh well, let’s hope for our Raiders next year! The game will be in Los Angeles.

Sheena Garo: Congratulations Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady with his seventh Super Bowl title! Despite not being able to gather with friends to watch the game, I still had fun cooking food, munching on some flaming hot Doritos and some ono Foodland poke! I was really just paying attention to the commercials and the halftime show. My favorite commercial was the GM ad with Will Ferrell, Awkwafina and Kenan Thompson.

Candelario Garcia: It should not have happened with that much of a crowd—a super spreader. But the results were great; the well-experienced quarterback reigns supreme.

Romeo Guzman: Because I’m a Tom Brady die-hard fan, I’ll always believe that they have a chance to win it all against the super magic of Mahomes. Technically, I feel that the whole Tampa Bay Buccaneers team was better prepared than their opponent. They stuck to their game plan, double teaming Tyreek Hill was a genius move, their defense was unbelievable that made Patrick Mahomes scrambling all over the field. On the other hand, Tom Brady was just doing his basic and calm moves—not doing anything extraordinary. I didn’t expect the outcome would be lopsided considering the magic of Mahomes all year but I guess at the end you have to separate the men from the boys. Congratulations to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their second Super Bowl title with the Seven-time Champion Brady.

Gilbert Keith-Agaran: I don’t follow professional football. I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan. I hear the Patriots won again.

Mike Laciste: I enjoyed the game because I put money on the Buccanneers. I didn’t enjoy the half time show. It wasn’t for me. I think I expected more from the Chiefs—I didn’t expect them to put up only field goals. I don’t know if the officiating had anything to do with that, I’m not sure. I expected a more exciting game.

Arnold Magbual: With Kansas City short-handed on the O-line, Mahomes did not have time to throw the ball downfield. The defense double-teamed Tyreek Hill all day; that was the defense’s goal throughout the game. They did not let him beat them just like the first game. And Tom Brady is not the reason why they won the game. Defense wins championships.

Paul Manzano: Tom Brady’s Super Bowl LV (55) performance showed his greatness by taking all the retirement whispers, joining a brand new team, in a brand new system, at age 43 against all odds and once again, he climbed the mountain to grab his 7th Super Bowl championship against the team that defeated him last year.

Neil Menor: Tom Brady and the Buccaneers were IMPRESSIVE!

Rick Nava: Not a fan of Bucs or Chiefs … but I was cheering for Brady to win. Enjoyed the game. They should just have the commentators for half time.

Marilyn Oura: Well what can I say? Neither was my team but I cheered for Tampa because of Tom Brady. As far as the game, it was okay. Too bad my team did not play (Raiders or Cowboys). If the Raiders go to the Super Bowl in Vegas, I will be there. The halftime entertainment was ok but nothing can beat BRUNO MARS. The Super Bowl has been a family gathering for decades, lots of food—everyone brings their favorite to share; we gather at my brother and sister in law’s hale at Na Hoku (Richard and Tammy Manuel) and after the game, everyone hangs around to sing karaoke and I can sing when I drink wine my favorite song “Paper Roses.” But due to the pandemic, family and friends could not get together; it’s not the same because everyone stayed home. Better be safe than sorry. Everyone wear masks (I sell face masks, come see me at the Sunday Market at the 3 Angels Farm tent) and practice social distancing. Stay safe!

Kai Pelayo: Maturity over youth; never underestimate experience and teamwork. Respect your elders!

Rose Anne Rafael: I think it turned out great. It was nice to know the audience were health care workers from all over the nation. I think they deserve to watch Super Bowl for free for all their sacrifices on helping people from COVID and other illnesses out there. With the game, I think it was played fair even though there were some people bashing on the referees because of their calls on the other team. Although I might not be as familiar with football games, I believe the game was played fair.

Michelle Santos: Besides not being able to party, the overall game including the half time show lacked its usual quality from years past.

Eugenia Idica Sitts: What the hell happened to the Chiefs’ offensive line?! Thank goodness for the wanna be streaker; at least it brought some excitement!

Jingo Tamayo: Stats says 2021 Super Bowl had the lowest TV rating since 2007. Viewers were possibly discouraged from watching due to the fact that the game lost its competitive edge by halftime. Tampa Bay with Tom Brady’s presence won 31–9. Plus the COVID-19 pandemic meant no parties so everyone got discouraged from watching the event altogether.

Stacy Woodson: The game did not meet my expectations but I’m grateful we even had a Super Bowl, I guess. We were rooting for the Chiefs. I guess that’s obvious based on my disappointment. Can’t believe they could not get in the end zone once in the entire sixty minutes. Too many flags thrown and too many on-target passes dropped. The halftime show was disappointing as well. Only one commercial made me laugh—Rocket Mortgage’s “Pretty Sure” spot. I’d say the highlight of the four hours was seeing the trailer for Coming to America 2! None of the actors aged! How is that? It premieres in March, Wooo hooo! Can’t wait!

Joselito Yuzon: Super Bowl LV is a classic at its best. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defense played a vital role in keeping Mahomes at bay and preventing him from the completions he is used to do. Of course, we cannot discount the greatness of vintage Tom Brady in his accuracy in throwing the football and finding the intended receivers for much needed touchdowns. Congratulations to the old man and better luck next time for the young man!