Every Vote Counts

We are less than three weeks away from the August 11 Primary Election Day.

As citizens of these great United States of America, we have the right to vote. But it’s more than that, we have an obligation to ensure that our democracy continues by electing leaders who will do what’s best for our communities.

Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by our federal, state, and local governments.

Are you happy with the amount of taxes you pay? Then vote!

Are you happy about the schools your children attend? Then vote!

Are you happy about the crime in your neighborhood? Then vote!

Are you happy about the highways and roads that you drive on? Then vote!

Are you happy about the lack of affordable housing? Then vote!

Are you happy about the cost of living? Then vote!

Are you happy about the homeless situation? Then vote!

All of us at the Fil-Am Voice know and understand how it is important to vote and we hope you will be affected by our fervor on voting—No Vote, No Complain!

For me, as an immigrant, it is a privilege to vote. And as a business owner, I truly believe it is important to participate in the election process.

This belief in voting was instilled in me by my parents, Daniel and Felicitas. They were truly old school and they looked forward to going to the polling place. They enjoyed discussing politics and I always enjoyed listening to their discussions as to who they thought would do a better job. Sometimes they didn’t agree with each other and so when they would split their vote, they would have a side bet to see who would win!

These days, it’s so much easier to vote—you can vote by absentee ballot and this year, you can even register on election day! So there’s no more excuses!
We owe it to our children and our grandchildren that we leave them with a society that cares for all of us… and the only way to ensure that is to participate in the political process and elect leaders who have our same values and beliefs.