Kwento Kwentuhan

Summer is Here!

What’s your favorite BBQ?

Liza A Pierce of “A Maui Blog”

Summer is here! How could it be June 2021 already?. We’ve flown fast on the first six months of 2021. But no worries. We are glad summer is here and that means fun! Fun in the sun. Fun with family and friends. And barbecue fun!

Whether it is in your backyard, at the beach, in the church courtyard or at a playground, barbecue time with family and friends is a bonding time.It’s a time to re-connect. A time for kwento-kwentuhan. So let’s talk about barbecue on this Summer edition of Kwento-Kwentuhan. What is your favorite BBQ?

Teryaki chicken, okra, pinapples and green peppers sizzle on the grill.
Photo: Liza Pierce

Here are some favorites on the grill:

1. Pork BBQ on a stick (bamboo skewers) – Sometimes it’s teriyaki flavor, sometimes it’s vinegary or lemony, depending on what marinate was used. One thing for sure, it’s delicious.

2. Teriyaki Chicken (or Ribs) – Maui Locals love this! Teriyaki is derived from the Japanese root words teri, to shine, and yaki, to broil or grill. Chicken or Beef Ribs marinated in teriyaki sauce overnight are so tasty when barbecued. And you can smell the flavor as you grill. Yum! Remember the Azeka Ribs?

3. Kalbi Ribs – Similar to Teriyaki, the Korean Kalbi BBQ Short Ribs are the perfect combo of sweet and savory, made from flanken ribs in a marinade of brown sugar, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, and spices. Beef ribs are often used for Kalbi.

4. New York Steak or Tri-tip – According to my hubby, New York Strip is the best cut of meat for BBQ. For some, Tri-tip is their choice of meat. We just add Hawaiian salt. No meat rubs needed. Grill it pink!

5. Grilled fish – Bangus, Tilapia, Mahi or Ahi—Freshly caught fish are the best but store bought are ok too.

A smorgasboard of grillable goods, cooked on the barbecue make a healthy and delicious dinner this summer.
Photos: Alfredo Evangleista

6. Shrimp – marinated or not, jumbo shrimp are the best! We Filipinos love to grill it with head still on. It adds to the flavor doesn’t it?

7. Vegetables – there are a variety of vegetables good for grilling. Let’s mention a few: eggplant, okra, peppers and mushroom. Drizzle it with some olive oil, salt and pepper and wow they are delicious (and healthy too!).

8. Sausages – Whether it’s Portuguese sausages or Italian, sausages are a usual part of barbecue gatherings. When you get leftovers, you can make Portuguese Bean Soup.

9. Hamburgers – sure we can easily buy hamburgers at fast food places like McDonalds and Jollibee but nothing beats a homemade hamburger grilled while talking story with family and friends. Do you like to eat your barbecue plain or with cheese? Do you want to add lettuce, tomatoes and onions?

10. Hotdogs – for the young and young at heart, hotdogs are often part of the American barbecue gatherings.

Are you feeling hungry yet? I am. So what are we waiting for? Let’s plan some fun barbecue gathering this summer!

Liza Pierce of A Maui Blog is an Interactive Media Strategist in Hawai‘i. She started blogging in 2006 and she loves talking story online and spreading aloha around the world. She’s been living on Maui since 1994 and considers Maui her home. A wife, a mother, a friend…and so much more. She loves Jesus; Maui Sunsets Catcher; Crazy About Rainbows; End Alzheimer’s Advocate. Her life is full and exciting here on the island of Maui. Liza is currently the Interactive Media Strategist with Wailea Realty Corp.