If We Hold On Together

If We Hold On Together

From the soundtrack of the 1988 film Land Before Time, comes a song composed by Diana Ross, sung by many recording stars, including Maui’s own Keali‘i Reichel. In the lyrics of the chorus and bridge, shown below, is the message of hope, support and encouragement we share with all the survivors of the Lāhainā wildfires, the families suffering unimaginable losses, for whom we create a circle of loving care, joining hands and hearts, with special bonding to and for our fellow Filipinos.

If we hold on together
We know our dreams will never die.
Where clouds roll by …
When we are out there in the dark,
We’ll dream about the sun.
In the dark we’ll feel the light
Warms our hearts, everyone.

The State of Hawai‘i Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism recently reported over 5,000 Filipinos or forty percent of the population live in the former plantation town of Lāhainā. It is not a surprise many of our kababayans are impacted by this devastating wildfire. Considering this unimaginable suffering and as we grieve the loss of loved ones, we come together as a Filipino community to support, encourage, to bring comfort, hope and prayers for each other. I am so encouraged to see and witness the kindness of our people.

“If We Hold On Together,” a song from the soundtrack of the 1988 film “Land Before Time” is the message of hope we share with Lāhainā fire survivors.
Photo: Lawrence Pascua

While there are no words that could ever express the depths of sorrow nor the highest, noble wishes to be of help, there is a continuous flood of concern, worry and actions to express love and care coming from around the world. Whether the messages received are from the millions of visitors to Maui worldwide or from family, friends, associates closer to home, each of us are touched in some way. I am so encouraged and blessed to see the kindness of our residents extending support to those impacted by this tragedy. This is what makes us unique and special and a model for the world to emulate. The Aloha spirit on Maui is alive!

As a Filipino community, we must be united and demonstrate the spirit of giving and bayanihan of our very best TODAY, so we can walk together as one people into a higher tomorrow. In the spirit of ‘ohana, let us join hands as a team, all the while knowing it will be difficult, sometimes unbearable and an exceedingly long trek, and yet, still possible, “If we hold on together.”

Let me share a Bible verse found in Psalm 55:22, Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved. This power verse touches on how we do not have to go it alone when times are tough. Instead, turn to the Lord who will sustain and help us get through it during challenging times. May God Bless us all as we navigate the future ahead with resilience and strength.