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Buses, Buzzers Bells and Books

Back to School in 2017. As teachers and administrators of Maui’s schools prepared for the imminent opening of the 2017–2018 school year, hundreds of parents faced transportation challenges for their youngsters. The State had awarded a new school bus contract...

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Housing Crisis Hurts Maui’s Working Families

If you are looking to buy or rent an affordably-priced home on Maui, well good luck as you are probably one of the thousands of Maui’s families looking for the same opportunity just to find a decent shelter for their...

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It All Started With a Dream

In April 1990, Erlinda Ceria Rosario had a slight dilemma. After twenty years as a McDonald’s employee, Erlinda sat in her office, strategizing how to convince her family to move to Maui to become the new franchise owner of the...

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Pomp and Circumstance:

Graduation Ceremonies Mark the Beginning This past month, over a thousand high school Seniors in the County of Maui marched to Pomp and Circumstance, a song composed in 1901, with lyrics written in 1902 to celebrate the coronation of King...

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A New Day for Maui Memorial Medical Center

July 1 will usher in a new day in healthcare for our Maui community. Maui Memorial Medical Center will be transitioning from State management to a new nonprofit organization—Maui Health System, a subsidiary of Kaiser Permanente. Our hospital will continue...

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Hawai‘i Medical Aid in Dying Bill Deferred

…bill implicates profoundly private issues and calls on Hawai‘i residents to reflect on their personal views and beliefs about life and faith and suffering. Every year, a Roosevelt High School Participation in Democracy class emails various legislators commenting on bills...

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