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Hawai‘i’s High Cost of LivingHawai‘i’s High Cost of Living

Working Families Need Help E, a fifty-seven year old widow, rents a small ‘Ohana unit attached to a forty-five year old 12th Increment tract home. She shares the one-bedroom, one bath unit with her youngest daughter and her daughter’s two...

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Labor Unions

Hard-won Successes, Uncertain Futures The first Monday in September is celebrated as Labor Day, a federal and state holiday and yes, one of the few days that Costco is closed. For most folks, Labor Day is a three-day weekend to...

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Atang and Other Filipino Superstitions

A Viewpoint from a Local Born Filipino Whenever the Evangelista clan gathers at my 93 year old Mom’s home on South Papa Avenue in Kahului (the pink house), my Mom insists that before we eat or drink anything, we have...

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Without Health, You Are Nothing

Bernard Paet’s New Lease on Life. In 1946, Zacarias Paet, and his fellow Sakadas, toiled the fields for many hours. Hardworking and dedicated, they enjoyed a simple diet with mainstays of rice, vegetables and fish. But they were robust and...

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Buses, Buzzers Bells and Books

Back to School in 2017. As teachers and administrators of Maui’s schools prepared for the imminent opening of the 2017–2018 school year, hundreds of parents faced transportation challenges for their youngsters. The State had awarded a new school bus contract...

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Housing Crisis Hurts Maui’s Working Families

If you are looking to buy or rent an affordably-priced home on Maui, well good luck as you are probably one of the thousands of Maui’s families looking for the same opportunity just to find a decent shelter for their...

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