Google is Not Everything

Student Travel Supplements Classroom Learning

Rose Anne Rafael | Maui High School At Maui High School, learning is not limited to the classroom. On occasion, students and student organizations travel off-island to supplement their in-class education or to compete against other schools. In 2018, Maui...

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Senior Projects at Maui High School

Maui High School is the only high school on Maui that requires all of its graduating seniors to complete a Senior Project. Senior Project involves a proposal that needs to be approved and signed by Ti’a Joaquin, the Curriculum Coordinator....

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Maui High School’s HOSA—one of six Pathways.

Maui High School is the largest high school on Maui, with approximately 2,000 students, and is the sixth largest school in the State. (Baldwin High School, with about 1,500 students, is the tenth largest in the State). This year, according...

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Google® Is Not Everything

Maui High School is fortunate to host one of the few locations of the Hawai‘i USA Student Operated Credit Union (SOCU)—a student run financial institution. SOCU is an extension of the Hawai‘i USA Federal Credit Union. The purpose of SOCU...

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